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Find a tennis court in Allegheny county by looking at maps. Numbered circles identify the courts and indicate quality. The circles link to more information about the courts including local maps.

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Improve the site! E-mail information about courts that you know about. I'm sure I'm missing some courts. I haven't visited most of the listed courts and you can verify the condition. I also welcome digital photos, testimonials, and any details on programs, lessons, tournaments, etc. Courts on private residences (i.e. homes) are excluded due to respect for privacy.

Featured Courts

Scott Township Park

Scott is a great park but not well known outside the immediate area. Given the proximity to the city, this is a good alternative to Shenley Park (so I think :) ). I played here in the summer of 2004. The only thing I could complain about is the lights not coming on. These courts are located south west of the city of Pittsburgh.

Clever Park
Clever park, a.k.a. Robinson park, has brand new courts that are in excellent conditon. There are generally open courts making this an ideal place to drop by and play. They had a sign up advertising themselves as a USTA tennis center meaning they offer clinics. This court is located far west of the city of Pittsburgh.